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premise, information [31 Dec 2029|11:59pm]
Nestled only a few minutes from Winston-Salem, a hour and forty-two minutes from Raleigh-Durham, two hours and thirty minutes from Asheville, and three hours and forty minutes from Wilmington is a quaint small town called Lake Point, North Carolina. As the name states it sits on a jagged edge off of one of the many lakes in North Carolina, coming to a point where the town built upon. It is known for it's small town charm, buildings still made of brick and promising to bring any new residents or visitors back to a simpler time.

Lake Point offers a family oriented, small town charm. Once it only boasted one gas station, one diner, and one grocery store - it is now growing. In more recent years it has become known as a small art district, with new businesses moving in promoting such items. In the summer of 2014 Lake Point saw a 101% surge in tourism, and now have more people moving into town for it's old time feel.

[ - Note: This is a fictional town on a fictional lake. We are using images of various lakes in the state of North Carolina, and a few other states. - ]

Communities are as follows; [info]meetsandgreets
for storylines, [info]moveto for introductions, [info]localspots for threading, [info]marinapark for ooc.

holds [30 Dec 2029|11:59pm]

◦ Holds last until I say so. This will include extensions.
◦ We offer one extension, after that runs out you will have to comment again.
◦ We will not allow challenges.
◦ Any change to holds will renew it for another however long I give you.
◦ Currently we will open whenever we feel like it.
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application [29 Dec 2029|11:59pm]
Adds will be done on an as-needed basis.
The next round of adds are set for MAY 23RD, 2015 after 10pm EST.
Please review the rules before applying
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dropbox [28 Dec 2029|11:59pm]

Comments are screened, but please be aware people may choose to track dropbox posts. That being said you are more than welcome to PM us if you do not wish for other people to know what you are asking about.
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